Christmas for free

Yes I said it, you heard me right, Christmas for free. But how?  Well , with a combination of stuff with most of my time focused on using rewards sites, because with those I can get anything I need for Christmas. With a combination of using rewards sites, free events, giveaways,deals and coupons, you can do it all free.

Let’s start with the key to it all and that is rewards sites. They are the way you can get any Christmas gift for free, because they pay you in cash or gift cards that are as good as cash. Many of these rewards sites also have special Christmas bonuses that will get you even more free cash for Christmas. below I will list the best rewards sites to earn Christmas cash fast.

  • has a Christmas bonus that makes gift cards cheaper to redeem.
  • has a Christmas contest that pays $100 in cash.
  • has a Christmas contest paying 3 spots $125, $50 and $25.
  • has gift card options and PayPal as well as contests and promotions.
  • is a great site to earn especially for those outside of the USA.
  • is easy to use and a popular way to earn free Christmas gifts.
  • has world wide registration

They are all easy to join,free to use and will pay you in cash and gift cards for using the site and performing simple tasks. To start simply click on the name, fill out the registration, confirm your email if needed and login. once in take a look around, try to find the guides or FAQ, read those to get a better idea about how that particular site works.

Free events are another way to get the most entertainment you can out of a free Christmas. Check your local paper, and local bulletin boards. most communities have no shortage of free Christmas events, many at churches. Even if you can’t find free events you can still have your own by finding a free hill to sled down and taking drives and walks through neighborhoods to see Christmas lights, some people really put on a great show.

Deals and Coupons, you probably already know about these. Remember to keep your eye out for more great deals and special coupons for the Christmas season, if you can knock the price down for some things than that means your cash earned on rewards sites will go much farther, keep an eye out especially on amazon deals and Cyber Monday as well as Black Friday deals.


You are well on your way to getting Christmas for free now that you know these websites and methods.

Merry Christmas!